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Happy Tails Farm
Vass, NC

Where everyone has a purpose !

December 2010


Rotational Grazing System

We practice rotational grazing on our farm. We use the animals to do a large volume of the work here.
The goats will eat just about everything that is growing in the pasture. They will clear overgrown areas and keep vegetation trimmed so no mowing is needed. They also fertilize as they move about the pasture.

The chickens are the next animal in the cycle. They pick thru the pasture eating bugs and thatching the grass and pine straw left behind by the goats. They also fertilize as they move about the pasture.

The pigs are the best little diggers, they turn the soil while eating roots, grasses and occasional grubs. In a matter of weeks they will turn the soil an have it ready to seed for pasture or crops.
Once the pigs are finished I level out the soil and it is ready for planting. I have planted wheat, rye and oats in the pastures and they are green and lush with no commercial fertilizers added.

The guinea hens free range and move about the different pastures eating fleas, ticks, and other bugs.

This system allows all the animals to be in there natural environment, it breaks the cycle of parasites which each animal has because each animals parasites are different and won't affect the others species. By moving them around, they are healthier and no medicated feed or worming is needed. The pastures range in size from 1/2 to 3/4 acre per area. The area is large enough to keep the number of animals in our herds without over grazing . Each area is given a rest period for a minimum of 6-8 weeks. This allows for new growth and breaks the parasite cycles before the animals are reintroduced onto the pasture.


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