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Happy Tails Farm
Vass NC

Where everyone has a purpose !

December 2010


It all Started out with a want to have fresh eggs for my family

I had taken my children to the farm supply in April when they had baby chicks for sale and they wanted some. They said they were so cute and they would take care of them. I said no at the time till I could talk to my wife. After much discussion and research I decided that we could have a few chicks to raise, eggs for them to eat and see how it worked out. I built a chicken tractor to move around the yard so they could eat the bugs and thatch the grass and fertilize at the same time and we purchased 6 chicks a few weeks later figuring that maybe 4 would live through this. The First Chicken Tractor( remember I don't know anything about chickens yet!) It was working well except, soon I was caring for the chickens. After time passed my neighbors were asking for eggs and willing to pay for them. I was getting 6 eggs a day during the summer and there were extras. So when March rolled around again I purchased 6 more chicks and built another chicken tractor for them. And several months had passed I was selling eggs every week by the dozen.

Then I had a want to raise a pig for the fresh meat. I had heard that it was better than any pork that you could buy in the store, but I lived in a subdivision and pigs were not in that picture. After more discussion and time we began looking for land to make a home and farm on, and I found it. I purchased 10+ acres, most of which was woods. About 2 acres were cleared with grass growing and a stream along the back of the property. 


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