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Vass, NC

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December 2010


_21_2013We have 2 Bronze turkeys 1Tom and 1 Hen. A friend had given me some Eggs during the summer and 2 hatched. Christmas showing his colorsTheir names are Thanksgiving and Christmas. but as of now they have been pardoned. I am hoping they will start laying Eggs, So we can Incubate the Eggs.

Since then we have raised Broad Breasted White Turkeys for Thanksgiving. the baby Turkeys are shipped in from a hatchery at 3 days old.

Turkeys 9_16_2013They are placed in a brooder house till they are about 3 weeks old and then moved to pasture to eat a diet of grass, grubs and bugs. they are given grain feed as a suppliment to their natural diet.

Turkeys 11/22/2013Turkeys are raised for 16 to 20 Weeks, During that time they have to be protected from preditors every night by securing them in the barn and then letting them back out in the morning. Turkeys are Processed at a USDA facility and do come with the gizzards inside just like a store bought turkey.

Every turkey was presold before Thanksgiving 2013.

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