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December 2010


How To Build A Chicken Fount Heater

Supplies neededHow to stop the water from freezing in the chicken fount was the problem and every morning we would have to take hot water in bottles out and pour it on the ice in the founts. I went to searching the internet for water fount heaters and they start at about $40.00 and up. So not wanting to spend a fortune on fancy heaters a read a lot of forums on the subject.
I found one idea that works and it is simple and easy to build. I picked up most of the supplies at the Lowe's hardware store. I bought 1 pack of (2) 60 watt light bulbs $2.50, 2 porcelain electric sockets $5.00 each, and 2 large cookie tins at Wal-Mart $3.00 each. I had old electric cords with plugs from dead electronics at home and electrical tape. This was enough to make to heaters at a cost of $10.50 each .

ready for wireI drilled a hole in the side of the cookie tin away from the seam, large enough to thread the nipple of the socket into. I cut the appliance end of the cord off leaving as much of the wire as possible with the plug. then assembled all the parts in order so the wire could be threaded through all the pieces and fastened to the socket.

make the connectionOnce the wires are connected to the light Socket, thread the socket base tight to the side of the tin and secure it with the nut. I put the cap on also to lock it.

ready for testingThen screw in the 60 watt bulb and plug it in. I wrapped the socket nipple and cap with electrical tape to seal and protect the cord where it enters the nipple.

the light worksPlace the lid on the tin and you are ready to place it in the chicken area.

I do not place my founts inside the coop because of the dust and shaving on the floor.

waterer sits on the bricksI place the founts outside the coop on 3 bricks that are around the tin.

3 gallon fountI run a medium duty extension cord to the heater. Tested at 19 degrees the water did not freeze in the fount.

I have used small cookie tins with a 40 watt light bulb and it also works. I have added insulation to the inside of the large cookie tins.

insulation on the sidesI used 1/2 foam insulation and glued it to the sides of the tin to lessen the heat loss on the sides and concentrate it to the top directly under the fount.


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